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After following your advice I joined the free Automated Profit Package program. I'm now doing very well for myself and I'm averaging £350 per week!

Matthew Colton Portrait

Matthew Colton, 23 from Glasgow

Thank you for your excellent recommendations and information. Especially the free internet marketing e-course. I would have happily paid for information like this.

Samantha Robertson Portrait

Samantha Robertson, 28 from Cardiff

I have been searching the internet for a few months trying to figure out the how to make money online. I joined My Home Wealth System as per your recommendation and I made £200.00 in my first week! I have also started using eBay Best Seller and the results so far are more than encouraging!

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Neil Radford, 34 from Birmingham


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General Make Money Program Reviews
Learn Which Programs Can Help You Make Money Online

Make Money Programs Reviewed
From: Alex Smith
The UK Make Money Programs Team

Our goal is to provide people with credible information and reviews on which make money programs are legitimate and which ones you should avoid.

The UK Make Money Programs team of reviewers have reviewed well over 125 make money online programs.

Below you will find reviews on general make money programs that are currently available online. Our reviews are based on extensive research, product testing and real customer feedback, ensuring that all of our reviews are fair and you only receive true and honest information.

You may also want to visit our ‘Top Recommendations ’ to learn more about the best make money programs and opportunities available online.

Make Money Programs

With the internet virtually ruling every aspect of our life, more and more people are looking ahead to make money from the comfort of the couch. Yes, and this is 100% possible! You don’t need to step outside the house to do that, or follow a dress code. All you need is a computer in your home with an internet connection. With there being many people looking for the make money programs, there are systems which provide a well rounded experience to add to your bankroll.

Some of the well known make money options include getting paid to take surveys, network marketing and data entry jobs. You must be aware though, that not all make money programs are legitimate and that's why UK Make Money Programs is here to help you.

How to Make Money Online

The make money options are ample and although you need to be aware of the scam sites, there are some that are legitimate. There are different outlets available allowing you to make money from home just by sitting before your computer. If these systems are rightly followed, you may make more money everyday than what you could to work for other people and earning a nominal wage.

You may not want to go for data entry or answering paid surveys. However, the benefits of these opportunities is that there are many companies out there who find it less expensive paying people working from home than those who do the task as a hired employee.

There are ample methods of earning online. Network marketing is one of them. These companies operate on the basis of multi level marketing with a chain created to allow the joiner step up their position in the company. The internet is an untapped resource which is used by a certain percentage of people to earn from home. In order to get started, what you need is help from an experienced individual who will tell you about the thousands of online make money programs such as:

It’s Easy

The process of online moneymaking can be done in 4 ways, but then the techniques that you choose can be done differently.

With the above mentioned processes, you can successfully create multiple streams of income. By selling products you can earn money, or you could make cash from others’ sales. By recruiting others you can help them make money like you. Offer a service against which people are willing to pay.

You can make cash through getting enrolled for programs which generously pay high returns either as a product vendor or as an affiliate. If you are to consider the restrictions of online money making opportunities, these are the ones which are self imposed since there are no limits to the amount of money which you can make.

Steer Clear of Failure

If you are in the online money making section, you should not be inconsistent, which means trying your options. If you choose a certain online marketing product, make sure you stick to it, instead of getting carried away by the contents of the sales letter and losing track of the internet success dream.

Remember, there is no room for lack of focus. Instead of running from one seminar to the next, try to understand the application yourself, and widen your network base. With a lack of basic understanding, a lot of people fail on their personal commitment to success. They buy a product, read less and move ahead to buy the next one.

By attending multiple seminars, they become adept at shelf top publishing. If you spend too much time online, you will know that many programs which promise to offer money online are actually scams. However, there are still options which offer the desirable results. You can launch the ideal option by doing prior thorough research to locate the genuine options. Once short listed, check the details such as the time since when they had been operational etc.

Those who are looking forward to make money through online opportunities should check with the review sites which contain details that will help you in your selection. Taking a look at members’ reviews is helpful too. Before signing into a program, go through the e-books to obtain a better idea about what is expected and how you can survive competition.


Automated Profit Package

Automated Profit Package - Make £200 - £300 Per DayAutomated Profit Package
Highly Rated Make Money Program

This is without doubt one of the best ways of making money online.

If you are someone that keeps a close eye on the news then you may have probably seen the Automated Profit Package Program on CNN, MSN or CNBC – The Automated Profit Package is growing quickly as thousands of new members signed when it initially launched due to it being just £19.95 and it's mass exposure in the news.

After just 3 weeks the program was closed briefly to new members due to the amount of people wanting to join the program. However, top selling business author Tim Carlson has finally re-opened the program, by making just 300 more positions available for his revolutionary program.

This really is one of the most straight forward programs on the internet - designed to make you as much money as possible, in as little time as is possible.

When you visit the Automated Profit Package website you may notice it's lacking some details, that’s because they won’t release any details on the program until you enter your initial details on the homepage. We recommend watching the video testimonials on that page to get some extra information on the program before you join.

The whole method is really simple-to-follow and is extremely clever as it requires no skills.

It’s so easy to start using, and you can start earning money within 24 hours of signing up. Tim and his team want to keep a high standard for his system so they are giving access to only a limited number of people, so my advice would be to sign up while there are still spaces.

If you are looking for a quick way to earn some extra cash, the Automated Profit Package is a must try! 

GET STARTED NOW - Visit Automated Profit Package Here!

Click Here to Read The Full Automated Profit Package Review

Clone Cash System

Clone Cash SystemOut of the 125+ programs we reviewed and tested, "Clone Cash System" was the number one performing FREE make money program.

If you are new to the concept of making money online then reading the Clone Cash System guide and watching their huge range of videos is a must.

The videos are extremely professional and easy to follow and money making expert Steve will guide you through his special formula and show you how to make money step by step. The best thing about Clone Cash System though? It's totally free, no catch, no pre-sells all you need to do is signup to get access to a product some people would charge 100's of dollars for.

Read The Full Clone Cash System System Review

Income Elite

income eliteIncome Elite allows you to speak to a team of online marketing professionals lead by Steve Peirce.

Steve has collected together over $20,000 worth of videos, PLR material, audio guides and much, much more to create a comprehensive guide to making money online. Income Elite's members area has to be seen to be believed; there's even footage from lectures of other proven online millionaires such as Mike Stewart and Morgan Westerman

The community hub in Income Elite allows you to speak to the team, interact with other members and even arrange joint ventures with some of the big players in the industry...

Read The Full Income Elite Review

Genuine Income Streams

Genuine Income StreamsWe knew beforehand that Robert Wass was ‘top dog’ when it came to making money on the internet but even we were amazed at just how good he actually was! This was because after going through the program we realised just how sophisticated yet simple to use the system actually was.

The program was great as when mentioning things Robert Wass says it exactly how it is, which results in the user being able to start making money in no time as the guide is so easy to follow.

The program doesn't waste time talking about needless technical stuff but goes straight into the ad system and guides you step-by-step on exactly how to set it all up.

Besides the advertising money making system that is the main feature of the program, "Genuine Income Streams" also comes with a large number of FREE bonus packages that are great programs in their own right. Some of these packages are sold individually elsewhere on the internet for a lot more than Robert charges for access to his entire ‘brilliant’ program.

For a limited time only you can get full access for only $17.97!

Visit Genuine Income Streams - Click Here!

Read The Full Genuine Income Streams Review

123 Cash Formula

123 Cash FormulaWithout a shadow of doubt in our mind, 123 Cash Formula is one of the Internet’s first class make money products. The reason is rather simple; it has a revolutionary high converting opt-in-system which takes advantage of the benefits of autoresponders. This results is 123 Cash Formula ensuring your generated traffic is turned into cash almost immediately if some dedication by the user is shown.

123 Cash Formula uses techniques that are being used by high earning affiliate marketers today. Through many years of experience as well as trial and error, they have spent time and money, finding out what works and what doesn't to create one of the most successful make money systems on the internet today...

Read The Full 123 Cash Formula Review

Underground Affiliate Secrets

Underground Affiliate SecretsOn many make money forums on the internet Underground Affiliate Secrets has been creating a massive debate. The same questions seem to popping up over and over again such as: - Does Underground Affiliate Secrets really work? Can I easily apply it myself so I can make much needed money for my family? Is the promised money making secrets true?

As a make money review site it’s in our interests to try out new systems and critique them. When we tried out Underground Affiliate Secrets we were more than impressed and we found out a number of cool aspects about this make money system...

Read The Full Underground Affiliate Secrets Review

Maverick Money Makers

This exclusive make money club is ideal for web masters serious about creating a secure profitable business from home. Join their team and you will be treated to such training sessions, that within your first month of implementing their strategies on Clickbank you will be earning a full time salary.

To say we were impressed by Mack Michael’s effort to help online marketers to make real money online would be an understatement.

The incredible thing about their system is once you have created a website, your ads will become 100% automated, freeing you to pursue your dreams and spend more time with your family...

Read The Full Maverick Money Makers Review

Commission Blueprint

Out of the 125+ programs we reviewed and tested, "Genuine Income Streams" was the 2nd best performing program.

The author Robert Wass provides top-notch information that cuts right through the fluff to deliver a straight forward system for making money online.

After going through the program the first time, we realised the author of the program, has very extensive knowledge on how to make money on the internet. His system is very streamlined as compared to the other programs we tested. The program doesn't waste time talking about unnecessary technical stuff but goes straight into the ad system and guides you step-by-step on exactly how to set it all up.

Full Review Coming Soon!

Making You Richer

Making You Richer is one of our first picks when it comes to deciding what make money programs to use. This program was created by 2 University dropouts who first started making extra money on eBay. They then started to use some of the techniques that they learnt to move onto affiliate marketing.

They both spent years undergoing a process of trial and error whilst learning new methods and using different make money systems. The result was a fully-functioning make money system that they have used to make money online every day. If you just replicate the manner in which they have used their formula then with a bit of hard work you can start earning money online at an incredible rate...

Read The Full Making You Richer Review

The Millionaire League

So many of the money making programs available out there are so much fluff with so little substance, it can be very hard to find a product or service that actually offers something worthwhile for the initial investment involved. For those that dream of the chance to find something that can actually help to gain financial independence but dread wading through the hundreds of sites that in the end aren’t truly offering anything of real use, The Millionaire League is the way to go.

Bryan Wynn founded The Millionaire League, and for anyone who has much knowledge of the Internet Marketing world that name carries some weight on its own. Brain is the author of a very popular blog, and is known for marketing savvy in the internet framework. The basics of what is coming the buyers way is 28 eBooks on how to make a profit in multiple markets over the internet.

Read The Full Millionaire League Review

The Rich Jerk

So much of internet marketing is about drawing in customers and convincing them that what you have to offer is what they desperately need. This makes it almost impossible to understand how someone with an obnoxious attitude towards his potential clients can possibly be a self made success. It is even more difficult to believe that this person could possible show others the secret to this success, seeing as how anyone getting that successful with that much blatant disregard for the feelings of his customers must have been a complete fluke. Not so, and he is very willing to explain just how he has been able to make his millions.

This self professed Rich Jerk is quick to point out that his program has a proven track record of success not just for himself but for the many happy customers who have used the system. When it comes right down to it, the fact that this self made millionaire is so ostentatious is one of the reasons his ideas are so believable. The immediate thought for anyone reading this style of marketing is that no one would possibly be this over the top without having what it takes to back it up...

Read The Full Rich Jerk Review

Zero Friction Marketing

This unique marketing system is perfect for anyone struggling to make real money from the CPA network.

In one neat package Saj P offers you an instant ‘copy and paste’ method that is not only completely legal, but can be used by absolutely anyone.

Requiring no Google ads, no experience and no sales, Saj shows you how it is possible to earn up to $100,000 every single month simply by placing ad banners on MSN...

Read The Full Zero Friction Marketing Review

Copy N Profit

If you are looking for a fast, efficient method for making money online, then CopyNProfit's, copy and paste scheme is perfect.

Sister company to Jamie Lewis’s Profit Miracle, well renowned marketer Jamie Lewis and Lancy Tien have teamed up again to offer new and experienced webmasters the means to earn substantial profits on the internet.

The process is incredibly simple considering the predicted $94,113 profits which they confidently believe you’ll be able to make once you have uploaded their campaigns...

Read The Full Copy N Profit Review

The Clickbank Code

We had heard about web master Michael Jones ability to help marketers make £1,000’s a day from Clickbank, from other marketers. But even we were shocked by the efficiency of his strategies and techniques.

Through the utilisation of his 28 tutorial videos, Michael manages to turn an already profitable niche and quadruple your conversions...

Read The Full Clickbank Code Review

Members Make Money

Looking for a make money guide that is straight to the point? Then Members Make Money is the guide for you as it will help you build a profitable membership site. Now you’ve probably stumbled across this review and you’re probably thinking why membership sites?

Well to put it plainly, there are simply VAST amounts of money to be made with online membership sites and this is the main reason why webmasters are jumping at the chance to start their own membership sites.

Read The Full Members Make Money Review

Automated Cash Formula

Automated Cash Formula is the brainchild of Dave Gale, and in its most basic form it is a two tiered affiliate program where a product is found and the introduced to a website owner who offers similar products. The idea is to get the website owner to join the affiliate program as the second tier, at which point each product sold filters up to the first tier of the program. The full details of how to accomplish this in an expedient manner are available in the 73 page eBook, which is easy to follow and completely full of helpful tips and ideas.

While this is not the type of book that is going to go above and beyond to walk the customer through every step of the process, it is easy to follow even for the beginner...

Read The Full Automated Cash Formula Review

Amazing Cover Letters

With the Amazing Cover Letters Creator software an amazing cover letter can be written in about 3 ½ minutes.  A cover letter gives an applicant a chance to stand out from the crowd of just as qualified candidates.  With the job market inundated with highly qualified people, it is harder than ever to grab that edge needed to land the job.

A well written cover letter can be the difference between the phone ringing off the hook asking for interviews, or sitting by the phone tapping a finger in frustration and boredom.  Amazing Cover Letters Creator practically writes the cover letter that will get serious attention from potential employers itself.

Read The Full Amazing Cover Letters Review

Internet Million Dollars

Too many times a site offers to teach how to make money just like they did, while never realizing that while these people are exceptionally good business men and women, they don’t make particularly good teachers.  This often times makes for a very difficult to follow lesson about how to follow their road to success. 

In these cases there may very well be a very good system in place that would lead to success, however the best information in the world is useless when the instruction is impossible to understand.  Internet Million Dollars is another such site.  They boast bringing in a professor, James Bradley, to explain the system that can supposedly lead to serious success in an internet based business.

Read The Full Internet Million Dollars Review

Secret Income Streams

Far too many of the online business opportunities only care about pulling in people to pay their fees with lofty promises they can’t come through on.  These types of companies have made it nearly impossible as an entrepreneur to figure out which of these opportunities are actually based in truth and which are simply trying to scam their way into money of their own. 

They pull people in by promising huge income in a short time frame while not having to do anything at all in many cases to make it work.  These things seem too good to be true because the simply are.  The chances of making a huge income with no real work are less than favorable to say the least, so being able to guide others to accomplish the same feat is almost impossible.

Read The Full Secret Income Streams Review

Legit Online Jobs

For everyone out there that is looking for a way to make ends meet while being able to spend more time at home it can be very frustrating to try to sift through everything to find what works and what doesn’t.  The good news, however, is that there is an option available that makes it possible to find a legitimate income online.  This option is available through Legit Online Jobs, which puts a decent amount of information into an easily accessible site.

Click Here to Visit Legit Online Jobs Now!

Read The Full Legit Online Jobs Review

Legit Online Jobs

The Free Car

Most of the country could use a new car, and virtually the entire population could use an absolutely free new car.  Of course that’s absurd, no one could possibly be giving away free cars on any kind of frequent basis. 

Except this is indeed what The Free Car is helping people find, companies who are perfectly willing to give away free cars as long as the people they are giving them to drive a good amount and they live somewhere close to a large city.  The Free Car is indeed one of the top sites for anyone looking for a free car to get matched up with a company looking to give away a free car.

Click Here to Visit The Free Car Now

Read The Full Free Car Review Here

The Free Car

Cash 4 Writing

Cash4writing is probably one of the easiest ways to make money on the Internet. It also has amongst the largest target audience compared to other make money systems on the Internet today.

This system does exactly what it says in its title, that is, you get cash for writing in essence. Getting cash for writing is a very targeted but growing niche and has lots of potential.

It is just so easy to earn money from writing nowadays because in the past you would have had to write for Magazines and Newspapers if you wanted to earn money from writing. This has all changed thanks to the creation of the Internet!

Click Here to Visit Cash 4 Writing Now

Read The Full Cash 4 Writing Review

Cash 4 Writing

Uncle Sams Money (Ways To Get Credit)

Everyone out there would gladly take some extra money from the government, and most would be willing to accept a nice little hand out from private grant foundations.  The problem is that most of us have absolutely no clue about how to get any of the billions of dollars given away each year to groups and individuals. 

It is completely legal to get a grant from one of these programs as long as the requirements of the foundation and the government are met.  With those requirements met this money never has to be repaid while being completely tax and interest free.

Read The Full Uncle Sams Money Review


Rank Top Sites Price Value Success Rate Ease Of Use Customer Support Earnings Potential 1-to-1 Mentoring Total Score:
Home Online Jobs
Home Online Jobs
Full Review
Visit Site
77% 100% 97% 98% 100% 100% 95.30%
Automated Wealth Package Automated Wealth Package
Full Review
Visit Site
91% 100% 89% 91% 97% 93% 93.50%
My Home Wealth SystemMy Home Wealth System
Full Review
Visit Site
90% 93% 85% 88% 86% 89% 88.50%

Important Anti-Scam Sites:

Firstgov.gov - Portal for research in government databases for all business practice information.
BBB.org - Better Business Bureau Consumer and Business Reviews.
BBBmoneynow.org - How to have better credit and more money for things that matter.
Consumer.gov - Your resource for consumer information from the federal government



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