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After following your advice I joined the free Automated Profit Package program. I'm now doing very well for myself and I'm averaging £350 per week!

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Matthew Colton, 23 from Glasgow

Thank you for your excellent recommendations and information. Especially the free internet marketing e-course. I would have happily paid for information like this.

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Samantha Robertson, 28 from Cardiff

I have been searching the internet for a few months trying to figure out the how to make money online. I joined My Home Wealth System as per your recommendation and I made £200.00 in my first week! I have also started using eBay Best Seller and the results so far are more than encouraging!

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Neil Radford, 34 from Birmingham


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Make Money Online From Your Hobbies

Make Money Online From Your Hobbies
From: Alex Smith
The UK Make Money Programs Team

If you are good at your hobby, you should use it for making some extra cash. However, in order to be successful at your venture, you should persevere with it to make it high paying. The success quotient of earning from your hobbies is something that has little to do with the hobby and more to do with your business skills. You do not need to be a business geek in order to make your hobby successful. Once you have made the choice, it is time to make extra earnings out of it and finally turn it into a real business.

What’s Your Hobby?

There may be several things which you enjoy doing and may be skilled at. These you might not even consider as being hobbies. For instance, many of us might be feeling quite okay if they are asked to fix a car so much so that we assume that everyone does them. However, reality may be far from it. You may be aware of the hobbies you have so that you want to make money with it. It may even take some consideration on your part. Whatever the case, you should get the hobbies listed and brainstormed first.

Make Money with your Hobby

You can earn money with your hobby by marketing it effectively. For instance if you are good at making sheepskin slippers and you make a friend a pair. When another friend sees it, they might think of ordering that pair from you. This is how you increase your chances of making your product and hobby known. Very soon you will start making dozens of pairs, even before you know it.

Picking up extra money with your hobby might be an easy thing to do. However, getting that into a regular business is something that takes a bit of effort. If you have a way with dogs, informal boarding, or training, you can make it into a hobby. You might even love cooking and making lovely dishes and for that you may become a caterer, a chef, or even sell homemade goodies at the local Saturday markets.

You may love to visit garage sales, and in that case sell the finds on eBay. There are various ways through which you to sell something that you have on a small scale without having to struggle too much. Some of the things are more profitable than the rest and this is why you need to consider the cost of the materials seriously.

Make your Hobbies into a Business

If you are to take the next step and turn your hobby into a full time business, you need to analyze the demands of the business from a fresh perspective. You will require a business license to get started and for collecting the state sales tax. The next thing that you will need is liability insurance and hence you will have to spend a decent sum of cash upfront for inventory and supplies. Remember there’s no certainty how much returns you will get.


Camera Dollars Review

For people who love to take photos there is a way to get paid for those photos.  There are websites that allow an amateur photographer to place their pictures online and get paid for each time the photo is downloaded.  Amateur in this instance is used in its loosest form possible.

A person that knows how to point and shoot can easily learn to tailor their photos to the online market.  With the Camera Dollars System eBook everything needed to start making money with photos is available easily and quickly.  The Camera Dollars System eBook offers lessons every inspiring photo seller needs.

Camera Dollars

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Gamer Testing Ground Review

Gamer Testing Ground provides gamers a guide showing how the author started making up to $120.00 per hour testing video games.  Video game testers get paid to play unreleased video games and report ‘bugs’ and their overall gaming experience to the developers.

A game tester can receive free copies of the unreleased game, access to cheat code, level secrets, among other things that only game testers know about.

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Click Here to Visit Gamer Testing Ground Now

Gamer Testing Ground

Shop Until You Drop Review

Shop Until You Drop is a homepage for businesses to advertise the need for mystery shoppers.  A mystery shopper is a person hired by a company to go into their local stores and provide detailed evaluations back to them on a number of things.   

Mystery shoppers could also be hired to call businesses to provide phone etiquette feedback.  The businesses will usually pay the mystery shopper for their time, sometimes on a per assignment basis, and many times will reimburse for items bought while mystery shopping. 

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Other Important Anti-Scam Sites:

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BBB.org - Better Business Bureau Consumer and Business Reviews.
BBBmoneynow.org - How to have better credit and more money for things that matter.
Consumer.gov - Your resource for consumer information from the federal government



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