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After following your advice I joined the free Automated Profit Package program. I'm now doing very well for myself and I'm averaging £350 per week!

Matthew Colton Portrait

Matthew Colton, 23 from Glasgow

Thank you for your excellent recommendations and information. Especially the free internet marketing e-course. I would have happily paid for information like this.

Samantha Robertson Portrait

Samantha Robertson, 28 from Cardiff

I have been searching the internet for a few months trying to figure out the how to make money online. I joined My Home Wealth System as per your recommendation and I made £200.00 in my first week! I have also started using Home Online Jobs and the results so far are more than encouraging!

Neil Radford Portrait

Neil Radford, 34 from Birmingham


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About Us - Meet the UK Make Money Programs Team


Alex Smith - Founder

Alex Smith - UK Make Money Programs FounderI'm Alex Smith the founder, administrator and manager of UK Make Money Programs, the number one make money review website on the internet today.

I'm a Business Studies graduate who has been involved in Online Marketing for many years now. After seeing a gap in the market for a free make money review site, the concept and vision that is UK Make Money Programs was born.

I look after the general maintenance and marketing of the website and I'm responsible for optimizing the site too.

In addition to this I review the better make money products on the market today when they are alerted to me either by muy users or colleagues. I also assist my other colleagues on their respective sections of the website.

As you can see from the sheer size of the site, it's not possible for just one person to review all of these products and on this page I will be introducing you to other members of my team but for now I want to tell you just a little more about UK Make Money Programs.

UK Make Money Programs provides you with the most legitimate, high quality and up to date reviews on the Internet. We help you find credible information on ways to make money online by scouring the web for any methods that can potentially make you money.

Our sole aim is to distinguish between the top and low quality products and our reviews are based on customer feedback and actual tests of the systems in action by members of our team.You will find hundreds if not thousands of make money systems across the net and most of them are a complete waste of money. However, there are some honest sellers, who sell systems that really do work on the Internet, yet remain untapped. This is where UK Make Money Programs and our team of reviewers come in.

After we review a product, one of our team will give the product a rating out of 5 stars. We pride ourselves on reviewing products this way as our rating system will show which systems are most useful and applicable. This rating is dependent on the products uniqueness, quality and value for money.

If you have purchased a make money product and you wish to contact us to submit a review then feel free to do so, as this is what we’re here for! We must stress that our team of reviewers need to ensure the accuracy of our reviews to be fair to our readers. For this reason you have to send us a receipt of your purchase and details of how the system worked for you before our team of reviewers will accept your review.

- To contact me please send an email to Alex @ukmakemoneyprograms.com

- To vist my Top Make Money Program Recommendations - Click Here!


NOW, let me introduce you to the rest of my great team....


Daniel Stein - FOREX Guru

Daniel SteinDaniel Stein has been here at UK Make Money Programs since its inception and he is a great mentor at the same time. Daniel started out in the world of online marketing in the year 2000 when he was given the responsibility of managing the PR of an online solutions firm which caters to the stock market.

His first enterprise was a direct mail campaign where he offered hundreds of clients unique advertising methods which helped them get the desired leads.

Daniel offered expert advice to the make money online enthusiasts for sales generation. With more than 300 affiliates promoting his ad related services against a commission, it was he who filled the orders for them.

The rising costs of offline marketing prompted him to shift to the online space. His knowledge in the Forex industry proved helpful and with Alex to partner, he moved confidently ahead with his plan.I met Daniel at an Internet Marketing Webinar where I was invited as a guest and this was just the start. We have both come a long way since then with Daniel with taking charge of the website’s section on Make Money with Forex.

Daniel manages this section and handles customer queries in case they are faced with any kind of difficulty while investing in the Forex market. He helps you minimize the risks of Forex trading by pointing you in the direction of the better Forex products currently online. Since his initial days, Daniel has worked closely with me and today, I firmly believe that he is one of the best experts in the Forex money making niche. Other than delving into the online money making niche, Daniel is interested in playing snooker, polo and listening to rock music.

In Daniel's words...through Forex, you can earn lots of money from this liquid financial market by purchasing currency at a lower rate and sell it at a higher rate. You may even buy back the currency when the costs reduce. Daniel offers tips and strategies to interested surfers regarding making money through Forex.

What is best with Forex is that it does not need you to make large investments. You can make money with a few dollars in your account. However, the volume of your profit is something which depends on the amount of money you have invested.

- To contact Daniel send an email to Daniel@ukmakemoneyprograms.com

- To visit Daniel's FOREX section of the site - Click Here!


Marline Anderson - Paid Survey Princess

Marline RichardsonUK Make Money Programs would would have been incomplete without the participation and contribution of our newest employee Marline Anderson. She is one talented lady!

Marline is in charge of assisting me with the general make money system reviews as well as being in charge of the paid surveys section of the site.

She comes from the background of website designing and it is her interest in Paid Survey make money options which has brought her to the foreground as one of the key players on the website.

Marline is what you would call a self-made woman with impressive will power which makes her capable of accomplishing any and every task.

Being a good speaker, Marline participates in webinars and heads client interactions and meets. Her focus is on web building strategies, drawing on the success of her followers, customers and readers.

Being in the IT domain has helped her assess the relative trends in the industry where new and innovative methods are coming up with every passing day. Marline came across this website at the start of 2010. It is here she proceeded to email me getting to both me and my website. Recognizing the immense potential of the website and its handiness, Marline volunteered to partner and help me with UK Make Money Programs.

She was all the more overjoyed when I accepted her proposal and shortly they started handling the multiple aspects involving online money making. I was happy to share my growing responsibilities with an entrepreneurial person like Marline. She now takes care of the Paid Survey and Make Money Reviews sections of the website.

Marline’s interest in social networking and communication has helped her a lot in catering to specific affiliates and users of UK Make Money Programs who need help in the process. Today, she handles many users all through the day and offers helpful advice regarding the programs which they should go for, depending on their wants and needs.

- To contact Marline send an email to Marline@ukmakemoneyprograms.com

- To visit Marline's Paid Survey section of the site - Click Here!


Steve Franklin - Blogging, Twitter & Google Enthusiast

Meet Steve Franklin, a Blogging, Twitter and Google enthusiast who began his career as an SEO expert doing freelancework for many large companies. Today, Steve makes his living by advising people on how to earn money with Blogs and Twitter.

As Steve had a career as a search engine optimizer, Steve knows the ins and outs of optimization techniques and is well versed with generating niche specific keywords for better visibility of websits.

As a result of this, I would suggest any users of UK Make Money Programs to email him if you have any issues regarding your site. Steve has a very hands on approach in general but he also loves receiving emails so he will be even more than happy to help you should you find the need to email him!

Steve has been a proponent of the Google Adsense business model in particular and with the trends having changed quickly in recent times, Steve has shifted his focus to Blogging and Tweeting like crazy on Twitter!

I met Steve at a social networking website through a group that was dedicated to Online Marketing and making money online in general.We got to know about each other and each other's interests, skills etc over time and this was when I realised what an asset Steve could be to my site and offered him the opportunity of partnering me here at UK Make Money Programs.Today Steve looks after several of the smaller areas of the site including the Blogging, Twitter and Google sections.

Steve is a great innovator and with the growth of Twitter over recent times, Steve decided it was fitting that he created a new Twitter section of the site. I rendered total support for him to do this and I look forward to this section of the site really taking off over the coming months.

- To contact Steve please send an email to Steve@ukmakemoneyprograms.com

- To visit Steve's Blogging Program Reviews section - Click Here!

- To visit Steve's Twitter Program Reviews - Click Here!

- To visit Steve's Google System Reviews - Click Here!

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